Ireland (Irish: d'oileán na hÉireann) is the second largest island of the British Isles in western Europe. It was once part of the British mainland (tens of thousands of years ago, when the ice sheets created a land bridge between the two islands).

There are two countries located on the Island:


Ireland was also part of the United Kingdom, up to the end of the 19th Century but the conservatives at the time treated the Irish like dirt. British cruelty during the Irish Potato Famine was one very bad example and we at Liberapedia don't deny this holocaust. But the Irish sometimes overlook many people in Scotland, Wales and Northern England also starved to death due to appalling food management of the UK. Of course, that's not really an excuse, but a case of general rather than only specific cruelty. Many Irish people emigrated to the Americas. Some of them decided they would go to war and die rather than remain part of the UK. Other Irish bravely fought and died in World War I and World War II of course.

Present day

Now only a small part of Ireland in the north of the country remains part of the United Kingdom.

The island of Ireland now consists of two states, the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) and the Irish Republic of Ireland.

Roman Catholic Church

In Northern Ireland Protestants and Roman Catholics have been fighting and killing each other for centuries since Ireland's English overlord King Henry VIII became Protestant (and therefore made England Protestant) just to have a divorce and get a new wife.

The Roman Catholic Church was strong in the Irish Republic and there have been reports of serious abuse towards vulnerable children and adults. Only a small minority of Irish RC priests are/were abusers but too many were enablers. It's similar to the American police's Blue Wall. Roman Catholic influence in the Irish Republic is seriously weakening, Gay marriage and Abortion are both now legal there.

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