Islamaphobics are scared of these girls... They will marry and have sons who could join some Jihad.

Islamophobia is a word to describe the incredibly dangerous psychological condition of being afraid of Muslims.  Most at risk of Islamophobia are conservatives, and Evangelical Christians. The risk of getting it was heightened after such events as the death threats Salman Rushdie received from the Iranian government, 9/11, terrorism against Charlie Hebdo and other sites in Paris.  It comes from the common misconception that all Muslims are like the ones who are in the news for doing really bad things.

We should take care that we don't over estimate the risk from Islam, but don't under estimate it either.

Risk Factors

People are more likely to become Islamophobic if they are:

Famous Islamophobics

...when what they needed to be afraid of is this person, who represents a small proportion of Muslims.

Horrible Things Islamophobics Have Done

Guantanamo Bay

After 9/11, George W. Bush and his evil administration decided that the only way to stop terrorists was by torturing innocent people.  They began taking them to Guantanamo Bay and force-feeding and waterboarding them, often just because they were Muslim or men living in the Middle East.

Innocence of Muslims

Nakoula Bassely Nakoula is a Christian Islamophobic who, while in prison, wrote a script for a movie.  The movie was produced by a company called Media for Christ, which is a (you guessed it-Christian) filmmaking company.  [1]  Nakoula told all the actors that the movie was about an old tribal villan named George.  Then, he took out the name George and changed it to Mohammed. 

Innocence of Muslims made thousands of Muslims angry, and it caused a few extreme ones to bomb the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya. Muslim extremists rioted in many different nations and many people were killed. See Innocence of Muslims. Remember not all Muslims are extremists.