The Isle of Man is an island located in the Irish Sea, north of Wales, south of Scotland, and east of Ireland. Although it's not technically a part of the United Kingdom, it is a Crown Dependency, and foreign and defence policy is ruled by the UK, with the English Monarch being the head of state. It is inhabited almost entirely by tax dodgers. Serve them right too as it rains for 362 days a year on average and is invaded annually by lunatic motorcyclists, mostly German.

The Bee Gees came from the Isle of Man. You can tell can't you?

Actually it doesn't rain that much, and the tax dodgers are only a small part of the Manx population.

The Isle of Man is one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles and is well worth visiting. Unfortunately getting there can be expensive and the competition between airlines is very limited.

Property prices on the Island has gone up to ridiculous levels since the aforementioned tax dodger invasion. A smallish bungalow can cost upwards of 300K. For a decent sized family house in the south, you're looking at half a million.

One of the very cool things about the Island is it's heritage. If you're a history buff or just like to ride on old steam trains, you can hardly do better.