The italian flag

Italy is a democratic country in southern Europe with a capital in Rome. Italy is a member of the European Union, as well as NATO.

Italy was the birthplace of the Roman Empire. Italy was also an important intellectual centre, the place from where Renaissance ideas were spreading.


The country that is shaped like a boot. Well, not really shaped like a boot, but when you look at it on a two dimensional map it does sort of look like a high-heeled boot, but in satellite pictures it's much harder to notice such a thing. It looks a bit like a riding boot with a spur on, And people use spurs when they want to dominate. Mussolini was an Italian Fascist dictator and he wanted as to dominate people as well as the Roman Catholic Church which has its headquarters in Italy and they like to dominate people. Italy is the source of most Italian food, much of which is delicious. They've got problems with something called the Mafia which isn't so nice, and wants to dominate people. The former Prime Minister of Italy was Silvio Berlusconi, who likes to dominate giggly blonde models but can't so easily as he's been convicted of Tax fraud. [1] He has hit that when meeting the Queen of Great Britain; the first man to do so in over 100 years. We're sure nothing like that happened because the British Queen has impeccable taste and wouldn't go with anyone like Berlusconi.

Liberal and Conservative movements in Italy

Due to the fact Italy is the center of Catholicism in Europe, the place is crawling with oppressive Conservatives. Despite the Roman Catholic scourge of Vatican that has nested there, the Italian Liberal movement is also very strong (after all, they did have a Fascist regime which many modern Italians hate).  Italy isn't entirely a conservative nationand they're western European which is fairly liberal most of the time.


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