John James McCullough is a Canadian political and social commentary YouTuber who mentions various topics relating to Canada, facts about history, various cultures, etc. J.J writes articles for various newspapers in Canada and the United States, and he used to work at Sun News before starting the channel due to having more free time.

Most of the videos are around 10-15 minute videos, and most of the videos have good responses.

There are travel vlogs which are shown for his travels such as places in Canada and overseas which can be related to current events such as a Canadian election or a protest movement.

J.J is of Dutch, English, French, and various other European descent.

J.J. studied at Simon Fraser University in British Colombia, and he was an English teacher in Japan despite not liking the experience.

The most popular videos are about French in Canada where he argues that French is given too much power in Canadian society. Most of the thumbnails show his face with a reaction with large text and colorful background.

He often does cartoon sketches in the media and in the videos with various drawings of political leaders.

Most of the videos have a timeless element according to him. He has recently reached 100 thousand subscribers and lives in the Vancouver area as indicated by his comments. He has thought Canadian citizenship exams to new immigrants to Canada in a library for about an hour which revealed his approximate location.

He is planing to do a speech at a school to explain about his transition to YouTube based on a comment.[1] However, maybe this may have not have occurred yet since J.J. is currently in self-isolation for 14 days as of March 14, 2020.[2]


He is broadly conservative, and he does not like Justin Trudeau's current term and likes Stephen Harper. He does not like the Canadian Green Party and thinks it is just something the media propped up, but he thinks that Elizabeth May is very charismatic and attracts a lot of people, despite him hating her.

However, he does not like the very hard right since he has expressed a bit of dislike toward Donald Trump. His point of view about French in Canada is broadly negative since he claims that Quebecker have an advantage in society due to bilingual language requirements and thus more likely to be elected into positions of power due to Quebec being the home to the most French-English bilingual speakers in the country.

Another reason for his anti-French point of views such as Quebec passing various laws to promote French, and he has been denounced in the Quebec parliament for this statement. He does not like Canada having the Queen of Canada as the official head of state and has expressed this viewpoint in the media in the past and in various videos including videos mentioning the governor-general of Canada.

However, in a recent live stream, it has been noticed that his views towards Justin Trudeau are slightly more positive giving him a 5 out of 10 rank, and hasn't made videos about his hate towards Trudeau in a long time.


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