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Nippon-koku or Nihon-koku
The Japanese flag represents albino people.
Emperor: Godzilla (AKA: Akihito)
Prime Minister: George Takei
Shogun: China
Capital: Tokyo

Japan is a country off the coast of China, the capital of Japan is Tokyo. If you have a cell phone, it was made there. If you have a car (and are not a conservative hatemonger), it was made there. And by there, we mean China.

Essentially the Japanese hijack successful people's ideas and make them better. However, environmentalists point out that they're slaughtering whales. The Japanese justify this by reminding the world that whales, and dolphins, were responsible for Hiroshima.

Japanese people also created Transformers, PlayStation, Super Mario, Ninjas and other things. They created anime and manga which we imagine is the only reason this Earth is still here. Some people think they are the Coolest people on earth.

Gay marriage is legal in Japan. [1]

japanese have highest living expectancy in the world, mainly because they don't eat unhealthy western food, but sushi, soya products and other Fat free foods. [2] Notice that except for sumo wrestlers, there are no Fat people in Japan.

The most important religions in Japan are Shintoism and Buddhism, many Japanese people believe both but other Japanese are atheists.

Relations with U.S.A

For some time in the mid 20th Century the Japanese emperor and government were imperialists and the Japanese people were brainwashed into believing and following their totalitarian rulers. Things changed after World War II and during the second half of the 20th Century up till now Japan is a "peaceful" democracy.

Japan has been a very close "ally" and "friend" during and after the Cold War. This friendship continues to this day. Japan is very closely tied economically with the United States.

We imagine this does not stop them plotting, day after day, to acquire the US' extensive reserves of homemade hentai and Naruto fan-fiction through force of arms.

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  2. They also make great creative adult videos and books, such as tentacle porn (which still captivates people 13 and up today)