Edmund Gerald Brown Jr.
20160325 221800.JPG
Governor Brown
Political Party: Democratic Party
Education: University of California, Berkeley

Yale Law School

Religion Roman Catholicism
Born April 7, 1938

Edmund Gerald "Jerry" Brown Jr is an American politician and lawyer who has been serving as the 39th Governor of California since 2011.[1] Brown also served as the 34th Govervor from January 6, 1975 to January 3, 1983

Other Offices

  • 24th Secretary of State of California: January 4, 1971 – January 6, 1975
  • 47th Mayor of Oakland: January 4, 1999 – January 8, 2007
  • 31st Attorney General of California: January 9, 2007 – January 3, 2011


  • On September 11 2015 (The Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11) Brown was sent an Assisted suicide bill.[2] it is unknown if he signed the bill.
  • In 1992, Brown came in 2nd in the Democratic Presidential Primaries, losing to Bill Clinton. Clinton would win the election.


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