Jerry Lamon Falwell Sr.
Jerry Falwell.png
Rev. Falwell
Political party: Republican
Occupation: Pastor

University? founder Televangelist Commentator

Religion Southern Baptist
Born August 11, 1933
Died May 15, 2007 (aged 73)

Jerry Lamon Falwell Sr. (born 1933, died 2007), was a far right Christian monster minister who started the Moral Majority and was a harsh critic of social liberalism and secular society. His extreme views included support for apartheid in South Africa and racist segregation in the US. [1] Somewhat later in his life, he became a bit more of a moderate. He even went so far as to say, regarding homosexuals, "We can be friends with those we don't agree with". He also called Fred Phelps, an even more extreme Christian, a first class nut. It may be possible that Falwell did genuinely evolve throughout his life but it is more likely he was attempting to sound more moderate to appease the slightly more liberal population of the United States. Rev. Falwell founded Liberty University in Lynchmob Lynchburg, Virginia, that's not a joke, the town really is called Lynchburg.[2] Liberty University is an institution that teaches Creation Pseudoscience. Is that a proper University? Falwell also founded Liberty Counsel.

Falwell told Pat Robertson that the American Civil Liberties Union, Gays, Pagans & other unholy people were to blame for the 9/11 attacks.[3] Even though Falwell celebrates Pagen Holidays himself. In 1998, Falwell criticized the British children's show, Teletubbies, for "promoting" homosexuality in toddlers.

Jerry Falwell died on May 15, 2007.


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