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A Jew is Someone who practices some version of Judaism, one of the three main forms of Abrahamic Religions. A Jew can also ber a person who identifies themselves as Jewish by descent, conversion or culture or who is seen by a recognised Jewish community as Jewish. Practicing Jews celebrate Chanukah, Passover (Pesach in Hebrew), Purim and many other festivals.

Famous Jews

Famous Jews include Jesus Christ, his family and disciples, Albert Einstein, Adam Sandler, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Alan Sugar, Mel Brooks, Matisyahu and Steven Spielberg.


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Jewish population as a percentage of all population in Central Europe in 1881. Most Jews escaped perecution in multicultural states of Central Europe, especially the Poland, Hungary and Germany before the Nazis.

Throughout history there has been anti-semitism, mainly by fundamentalist Christians, fundamentalist Muslims, as well as political fundamentalists, i.e. the Nazis.

During the 1930s, the 1940s and especially the last years of the Second World War, the Nazi leadership of Germany undertook the systematic extermination of European Jewry in what was subsequently called the Holocaust. Approximately six and a half Million Jews, in German occupied areas including Poland and Ukraine, were killed by firing squads in towns and villages or were shipped in railroad cars to die of disease, starvation, overwork, and systematic industrialized mass murder in concentration camps. Members of other minorities - political, religious and ethnic - were also murdered in the same camps. During the holocaust that Adolf Hitler brought about over six million Jewish people died, along with six million other Europeans who were not Jewish. This is a terrible lesson of history that must be taught so as not to be repeated.


After World War Two a controversial decision was made to create the nation of Israel, where many Jewish people world wide moved to. This has caused a great deal of conflict in the Middle East.

Pro-Israel Jewish people claim to have a historical claim on the land, but Palestinians make the same claim. Jewish ethnic backgrounds of most Jews are quite diverse, with a substantial amount from Israel, although remote in time.

Anti-Israel Jews are a small minority (usually conservative Jews) who do not believe in the religious ideology to create a Country, 2000 years after Israel existed. They oppose occupation of Israel and the treatment of Palestinians in Israel.

They are our friends

They're our friends, but some of those damn Republicans think they're our enemies, despite saying that they are our friends. Conservatives love to blame things on Hollywood and New York elitists, and imagine people don't know what that means. Exit polls show that a large majority of American Jews are liberals.

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