James Warren DeMint
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Mr. DeMint
Political party: Republican
Religion: Presbyterianism
Born September 2, 1951
In the town of Candy Mints

James Warren "Jim" DeMint is an American Republican politician and Tea Party activist. He represented South Carolina in the United States Senate. According to the Washington Post DeMint has done "damage to the GOP by his liking for right-wing antics, of which the shutdown fiasco was only the latest. [1]

In June 2017 DeMint joined the Citizens for Self-Governance[2]

In the US Senate

He ran for the Senate and beat Inez Tenenbaum in 2004[3], it was an open seat as Fritz Hollings was retiring[4].

He was a Third Class senator (In senatorial class AND in senatorial quality) from South Carolina.


DeMint imagines that Al-Qaeda is a bigger threat then before 9/11 because of President Obama being weak.[5] The truth! Al-Qaeda is a bigger threat than it was. Why? Because The Shrub invaded Iraq and gave Al-Qaeda together with ISIS a chance to get established there. Thanks Dubya! And Al-Qaeda is also a big threat under Trump.


  • Jim Demitten
  • Jimmy Mittens
  • Slick Jimmy
  • Bent Mint


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