Webb himself

James Henry "Jim" Webb, Jr. (born February 9, 1946) is an American politician and author.[1][2] He has served as a United States Senator from Virginia (a Swing State), Secretary of the Navy, Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, Counsel for the United States House Committee on Veterans' Affairs[3] and Marine Corps officer.[4]

Webb was considering running for President as a Democratic Party candidate but is unhappy about how the Democrats stand on many issues. Webb may run as an independent. Webb wants limited action over Climate change, he's pro Gun ownership. Webb feels the scope of Affordable health care was too wide. Does that mean he wants fewer people to benefit? Webb wants to reform the Prison system, he wants to address why so many minorities are incarcerated, he wants to address drug and mental health issues. Webb favors Gay marriage and is Pro-choice. It looks like Jim Webb is between the Democrats and the Republicans. [5] and Marine Corps officer.[6]

Webb said he would not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 but he could vote for Donald Trump.[7]

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