John Eric Ensign
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Mr. Ensign
Political party: Republican
Education: Oregon State University

Colorado State University

Religion Foursquare Church
Born March 25, 1958

John Eric Ensign is a Republican US Senator from Nevada.

Cheating on his wife and the public

Ensign had an affair with an employee who was Married to one of his other employees, then got his parents to pay off the whole family so they'd keep quiet, which they didn't. He's a genius.

Then he didn't get round to disclosing the pay off although according to the rules he should have disclosed it.

Campaign committee records do not show a large payment to Cynthia Hampton when she left her job. If the payment occurred, it could present a possible campaign finance disclosure violation, campaign finance attorney Kenneth Gross said. The nature of the violation and penalty depends on "how the senator chooses to characterize the payment," he said -- as a gift or as income. [1]

Well how do you disclose that you've paid that other woman to keep quite about Adultery? How do you admit it if you're supposed to be a God fearing Republican?

Voting record

Ensign voted against reducing Climate change, against funding Renewable energy, against cutting Oil subsidies, against protection over toxic Lead paint, against drilling in the Arctic wildlife regions and against a great deal more that Liberals care about. [2] He looks like a typical republican.