John Hancock
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Mr. Hancock
Alma mater: Harvard University (Bachelors)
Net worth: US$350,000 at the time of his death (approximately 1/714th of US GNP)
Religion Congregationalist
Born January 23, 1737
Died October 8, 1793 (aged 56)

The dignity and character of John Hancock, celebrated by friend and enemy alike, did not suffer for his love of public attention. He was a populist in every sense, who held great confidence in the ability of the common man. He also displayed a pronounced contempt for unreasoned authority. A decree had been delivered from England in early 1776 offering a large reward for the capture of several leading figures. Hancock was one of them. [1]

John Hancock is remembered because he signed the Declaration of Independence with a remarkable flourish. Hancock also helped organise the Boston Tea Party, stood up to the British colonialists and risked his fortune to help the Americans win the American Revolution. Hancock was born and grew up in Massachusetts. Later when poor health prevented Hancock serving the whole United States he continued to serve Massachusetts and helped write the constitution there. Hancock was orphaned as a child and an uncle brought him up.

John Hancock is considered one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America. [1] [2]