John Rhys-Davies

John Rhys-Davies
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Mr. Rhys-Davies
Occupation: Actor/Voice Actor
Education: University of East Anglia
Notable works Lord of the Rings
Born May 5 1944

John Rhys-Davies (born May 5, 1944) is a British actor. He is best known for playing Sallah in the Indiana Jones films, Professor Arturo on the show Sliders and dwarf Gimli in the Lord of the Rings triology. While he is a wonderfully talented actor and is profoundly articulate, he is unfortunately a brainwashed Neocon who actually believes that members of the Bush administration of all people are on the same level as the U.S. founding fathers. He is also war-monger, saying that the West is right to invade the Middle East and impose western-style democracy in a place where it can simply cannot function adequately. Simply put, his numbskullery and uselessness when it comes to politics make him a British version of Jon Voight.

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