Here's how we can feel when we look closely at the rubbish on Conservapedia, CreationWiki and a vast number of other Conservative Websites. It's better to laugh.

A Joke is something funny or ridiculous. For examples see Uncyclopedia and Conservapedia. Further jokes are:

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Sarah Palin
  3. Ann Coulter
  4. Bill O'Reilly
  5. George W. Bush
  6. Andrew Schlafly
  7. Roger Schlafly
  8. Phyllis Schlafly
  9. L Ron Hubbard
  10. Republican Party
  11. Creationism
  12. Fox News
  13. Fundie Schools

A great joke to make your friends laugh (if they're smart) is to show them The Fun Sections of RationalWiki,

There are quite a number of jokes here in Liberapedia. We like to laugh while we are learning. You shouldn't take everything we say seriously.

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