The Man responsible for the greatest loss of peace time civilian American lives ever

Jonestown was a community situated in the jungles of Guyana. The leader Jim Jones was a corrupted pastor. Jones created this community because he thought he could create Communism (with a twist of Christianity) but the concept failed. Jonestown was not Liberal, and they supported the Soviets, even though the Soviets had no idea who they were. We disagree with a lot of things from our Conservative friends at Conservapedia, still we agree with them that Jonestown was run was by pure evil.

Mass Suicides

After a visit by the US government, including Democratic congressman Leo Ryan, Jim Jones thought that if the outside world would invade, the best way was to kill everyone in the town. But before that Jones had Ryan and his associates from the Government shot dead as they attempted to leave by plane. Jones was a crazy psycho and used cyanide mixed with Kool-Ade on the people, killing mostly everyone in the town including children, he was too yellow to poison himself, so he was shot.