Joseph Mccarthy, 1954

Joseph Raymond "Joe" McCarthy was a US Senator and Bill Murray lookalike from Wisconsin from 1947, until his death in 1957. He ruined the lives of countless numbers of Americans in his paranoid witch-hunt against alleged Communists with little regard to the evidence as to whether these people really were communist. McCarthy severely damaged the American political system until he was brought down. However there were so few Communists (most of his targets were liberals and democratic Socialists).

The official cause of his death was acute hepatitis; it is widely accepted that this was brought on by alcoholism.

Hero to Conservatives

Predictably, Conservatives like Ann Coulter are trying to rehabilitate his reputation.

According to Conservapedia Joseph McCarthy was a senator who attempted to save America from communism who was undermined by a vicious attack from the evil Edward R. Murrow. No, really, no one could make this up. Go look.

Enemy to and good people

Predictably, liberals and democratic socialists hate him for the witch-hunts (against Communists) he conducted in the 1950s. Libertarians generally frown upon his actions, which put a lot of good, hardworking People who were not Communists out of jobs, merely as a result of McCarthy's draconian paranoia. He was the kind of man who would accuse your Dog of being a communist if he thought it would get his dog elected best in show.

Hunt Affair

McCarthy's blackmail of an opposition Senator for his son's homosexuality was believed to have led to the Senator's suicide.[1]

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