"​Well, Canada is a oil and gas producing company ... er I mean country."

Justin Trudeau is a Canadian politician and the leader of the Liberal party of Canada. He is the son of Pierre-Elliot Trudeau.

He won the 2015, 2019, and 2021 federal elections in Canada and is the current Prime Minister.


  • Legalised cannabis
  • Banned plastic straws
  • Passed CERB
  • Apologised for blackface
  • First gender-balanced federal cabinet[1]
  • Increased spending for Women and Gender Equality
  • Declared the Proud Boys a terrorist group


  • Invaded sovereign Wet'suwet'en land to build a pipeline
  • Appointed Chrystia Freeland (a Nazi collaborator who funds the Azov Battalion in the Ukraine[2]) as Deputy Prime Minister
  • Promised electoral reform, made no effort for electoral reform
  • Equated far-left to far-right[3]
  • Blackface
  • Eliminated CRB amidst the fourth wave[4]
  • Promised to cut carbon emissions by 30% by 2030, then increased emissions
  • Claimed Melissa Lantsman (a Jewish MP) "stand[s] with people who wave swastikas" (seriously it has gotten so bad that the Conservatives are the ones calling him out)

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