Kamala Harris, in full Kamala Devi Harris, (born October 20, 1964, Oakland, California, U.S.), American politician who was elected to the U.S. Senate as a Democrat in 2016 and began her first term representing California in that body the following year. She was the first Indian American to serve as a U.S. senator as well as the second African American woman. Harris previously was the California Attorney General (2011–17).[1]

Kamala Devi Harris, (born October 20th, 1964 in Oakland, California, USA) is the incumbent and 49th Vice President of the United States since January 20th, 2021. She was previously a U.S. Senator from California. A Democrat, she was a candidate in the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election but dropped out in December 2019. After Joe Biden won the nomination, Biden picked Harris as his running mate to dispel smears that Biden was anti-cop. Many progressives opposed to Harris started the slogan #KamalaIsACop. She unfortunately is not a progressive but is a centrist. Better than Mike Pence.

The Biden/Harris ticket won against incumbents Trump and Pence. Harris became the first female vice president as well as the first Asian American women (being half-Indian).


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