Kentucky has nothing to do with Kent, it is famous for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Kentucky is famous for blue grass prairies, wonderful natural scenery and wildlife. The capital of Kentucky is Frankfurt. Kentucky has capital punishment, but Kentucky has tried to stop the injustice where black defendants are put to death much more often than white defendants for similar crimes.

Despite overwhelming evidence of discrimination, the response of the courts has been to deny relief on the grounds that patterns of racial disparities are insufficient to prove racial bias in individual cases. With the single exception of Kentucky which recently passed a version of the Racial Justice Act, legislatures have turned their back on corrective measures. Despite the prior example of legislation in response to similar discrimination in such areas as employment and housing, legislatures on both the federal and state level have failed to pass civil rights laws regarding the death penalty for fear of stopping capital punishment entirely. And so, the sore festers even as executions accelerate and appeals are curtailed. [1]

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