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"Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il, was a mad, conservative dictator, leader of North Korea. (Please let the record show that it is obvious that he was conservative because he is a mad dictator.) A son of his predecessor Kim Il-sung (who died in 1994), he was the 2nd leader of the DPRK. His son Kim Jong-un succeeds him as of December 2011 because of his death on the 17th. Kim Jong-un is as cruel as his father and grandfather were.

Communist dictators, Fascist and Nazi dictators have much in common because all get corrupted by power and end off doing bad things to their people.

Ruling over the impoverished and isolated nation of North Korea, Kim Jong Il has been responsible for the mass starvation, torture, and oppression of millions of people. The way he tortured political prisoners and subjected them to vile human experiments can be compared to what the Nazis did though officially he was a Communist rather than a Nazi. He has also perpetrated an insane personality cult centering around him and his late father Kim Il Sung. The dictator had also taken an interest in nuclear weaponry and acts of state sponsored terrorism.

Kim Jong Il enjoyed drinking imported cognac and dining on fresh lobster while his people ate, and as far as we know, STILL eat grass off the hillsides. He likes films and arranged to have a South Korean film director kidnapped together with his girlfriend. [1]

He had a nickname "Menta Lee Il". That's because he looks mentally ill. [2]

Has he been dead some time?

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Kim Jong Il may even have died earlier than announced. Look-alike substitutes may be taking his place. If he was alive till December 2011 it’s likely that he had suffered a disabling stroke. [3]

What his people may say




Authoritarianism is best form for government. Dear Leader always wise. Dear Leader never wrong. Dear Leader love people, always do what best for them. People not need democracy, people would elect Dear Leader anyway. People love Dear Leader! Dear Leader very handsome and very good to people. Dear Leader put me in labor camp when I say not good thing about Dear Leader. Dear Leader very wise to correct me. Dear Leader listen to my call on phone and email in case I make mistake. Haha, I'm just kidding! I don't have email! All hail Dear Leader!



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