Kim Jung-Un
Kim jong un.jpg
Mr. Jung-Un
Political Party: Workers' Party of Korea
Education: Kim Il-sung University

Kim Il-sung Military University HELP University (honorary)

Born January 8 1983

Kim Jong Un is the successor of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-il, in power since December 2011. He is an evil Dictator like His Grandfather and Father before him and had many people Executed.

Kim Jong Un probably lives off luxury imported food and is super obese (BMI ~ 55) while many of his People are suffering Third World Poverty and hunger.

On November 13 2015 (which was the day that ISIS Attacked Paris) it was reported that Jong-Un was traveling with a personal portable toilet as using a public restroom would be unthinkable because his excrement will reveal details about his health. [1]

Jong-Un has been dubbed "The Hitler of Asia".[2]

On February 18 2016 it was reported that Jong-Un was getting ready to order intensified preparations for terrorist attacks on South Korea. [3]

Nuclear weapons

Jong-Un claims to have a Hydrogen bomb that could wipe Out Manhattan, New York City & burn it to ashes. Experts doubt if North Korea has missiles that could deliver a bomb as far as the United States [4] but they could reach South Korea or Japan.

The United States has the biggest nuclear arsenal in the World and could wipe out whatever part of North Korea Kim Jong Un is in easily. The question that must frighten Americans is, "Could Kim Jong Un be crazy or Suicidal enough to use such a bomb if he has one?" Kim Jong Un is a third generation Monarch, he got his position through his father and grandfather not through his ability.


According to news sources South Korea has called for the Assassination of Jong-Un Saddam Hussein style[5]. Other North Korean generals may turn against Kim Jong Un. He was forced to shut down a nuclear facility due to its structual instability.


Kim Jong Un is believed to have ordered the torturing of Otto Warmbier, a young American who stole a propaganda banner. He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor and was returned to his family in a very deep coma and almost completely dead and died a week later.