Koch Industries is a fossil fuel burning group that does what most companies in Big business do: maximize profit at all costs to society. The company claims to provide "food, shelter, clothing, and transportation" and "create life's basic necessities" which is a total stretch on the truth. ( It is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas and has ties to right wing super PACs, which are mediums in which companies are allowed to donate unlimited money to political candidates.

What Is So Bad About It

The Koch Brothers, Charles and David Koch, are both billionares who are trying to corrupt democracy by spending money in super PACs. The problem with this whole super PAC idea (in the eyes of hte Kochs, this is a good thing for the rest of us) is that the normal people have 99% of hte votes and the super PACs will not always work to persuade people to vote conservative or with the Kochs' interests because even with Trump, people are waking up.

Brands to Boycott

These are brands that all true Liberapedia readers should boycott because they are owned or associated with the Koch brothers' polluting empire:

  1. Angelsoft
  2. Brawny
  3. Dixie
  4. Mardi Gras
  5. Quilted Northern
  6. Soft n Gentle
  7. Sparkle
  8. Vanity Fair
  9. Georgia-Pacific
  10. Polarguard
  11. Stainmaster
  12. Dacron
  13. Lycra
  14. CoolMax
  15. SolarMax (very ironic)
  16. Thermolite
  17. Flint Hills
  18. Molex