The Klan's logo. Does it remind you of Aa swastika?

Because of the harm the KKK have done and still do it's not surprising some contributors used very strong language in this article.

The Ku Klux Klan are a bunch of Racist, Conservative low-IQ hicks or Rednecks (who can't even spell "clan" right, and that's just the clever ones). It is believed that War criminal and confedereate commander, Nathan Bedford Forrest founded the KKK.   

Hmm, Sure seems like that now, but there were really two times of KKK activity, that came and went long ago, and the modern KKK are just the latest sad manifestation of really old, pernicious, and extremely violent prejudice.

The KKK has existed in a couple periods of American history, and faded into relative obscurity in others. The history of the Klan, especially the original Klan, can be a bit obscure, since they were doing illegal things and often in secret. The original Klan began after the American Civil War, in the formerly rebellious States, while their civil governments were being reconstructed. Many of the societies and economies of the formerly rebellious States were in ruin. Governments were being reconstituted under the oversight of the Union. Civil and political rights had been granted to all adult males, with one rather glaring exception. That exception, was for criminals, and the Reconstructing States governments were under the Control of Republicans who often defined everyone who had fought in or aided the rebellion as criminals. So, the original KKK may have actually had a legitimate grievance, but they went way to far, and tried to do Republicans and others (primarily African Americans, but also Catholics and a whole bunch of other groups) what they thought had been done to them. After years of bloody battle, and the imposition of "Jim Crow" laws in many jurisdictions, the original KKK faded.

After WWI, a few *'s thought that the suppressed groups were getting too uppity, and a couple of them really got the whole KKK thing going again. One made a really famous movie, and another formed a New KKK. That new KKK was pretty successful in recruiting and spreading the message that African Americans and Jews and Catholics and immigrants and suffragettes were trying to take away "white men's rights" and destroy "WASP Society" like they tried after the Civil War. The second KKK spread way beyond the old South, and actually had millions of members. It's them that we see in the old films, and them who erected a bunch of the racist monuments that have been in the News lately. The second KKK also faded away eventually, once the economy got better, immigration was slowed, and the members found out the whole thing had been a scam to get their membership fees.

Which brings us to the modern KKK, which picked up steam after the Civil Rights protests, legislation, and anti-discrimination Court decisions of the 50's and 60's. They seem to have the same tired old message of "minorities and immigrants and feminists" trying to take away "white men's rights" and suppress "wasp culture", but this time they're downplaying their anti-Catholicism, and trying to ally with conservative Catholics.

What the KKK are like

The KKK lynched carpetbaggers who came to the South to stop racial inequality.

It was formed mostly by Social Conservatives (back when they infested the Democratic Party) southern White supremacists in the 1860s, as an opposition to moderate liberals like Abraham Lincoln, and extreme social liberals (known as radicals) who used to prefer the Republican Party. However, now it is just a whole bunch of people in a worthless movement. They like to 'spread the light of God' by burning crosses. Most conservatives, however, aren't this bad.

They absolutely HATE Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Spaniards, Portuguese, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Gays, Socialists, gypsies, Peruvians, Native Americans, liberals, stoners, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Catholics, Irish, Hungarians, Russians, Poles, Serbians, Bulgarians, Romanians, Italians, Greeks and if they see a person that falls into one of these groups they'll immediately ask themselves, 'Can we get away with Lynching him/her?' KKK members often have a little Black heritage they don't know about.

The police and normal citizens mostly hate the KKK, as the KKK hate People of Color. The KKK think that they are superior only because they are too stupid to observe their low position amongst the scum of society. The word stupidity doesn't even begin to explain the moronic logic and manipulative ways in which they scheme, only to discover the abomination to mankind that they are. Here's what one silly Conservative said about them

The Ku Klux Klan are a bunch of cool guys who were known for defeating the carpet bagging liberals.* [1]

but even most Conservatives despise the KKK.

Other countries

The KKK are trying to spread their poison to other nations like the UK where they are causing a bit of a problem in Wales, see BBC News, KKK plans 'infiltration' of the UK, though the BNP are more of a problem there. Their poison is causing a small problem in Australia, see Ku Klux Klan sets up Australian branch. They're trying to cause trouble in Canada but decent Canadians don't want them, see Ku Klux Klan in Canada.

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