Kuwait is a small Islamic Arab country between Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf, it has suffered long and hard, mostly because it is small and contains large oil reserves. The nation is essentially a fundamentalist dictatorship, like Saudi Arabia, only slightly more liberal. The nation was created when a faceless British general carved a chunk out of Iraq after WWII.

It was invaded by Iraq in 1991, but the Iraqi army was soon forced back by a large Western coalition force led by US President, George H. W. Bush. The country generates plenty of revenue from their oilfields. Their royal family keeps a large part of the profits, upper class Kuwaiti citizens get some. Foreigners don't get it, but they do get the oil, so that kind of makes sense.

There are persistent reports of torture and abuse of prisoners. Migrant workers are denied citizenship and are also subject to abuse.

Obesity has been a rising problem in Kuwait due to vast amounts of fast food. An estimated 60% of the population is expected to be obese by 2020.[1]

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