Kyle Kulinski
Kulinski Posing
Occupation: YouTuber/Commentator
Political Party: Justice Democrats (Co-Founder)
Religion Atheist
Education Iona College (New York)
Born January 31, 1988 in Westchester County, New York, USA

Kyle Kulinski (born January 31, 1988) is a Progressive blogger and YouTuber. He has been a subsidiary of The Young Turks since 2014.

Secular Talk

Kulinski has been the host of his YouTube channel Secular Talk since 2008. Videos are posted onto his channel about five out of seven days of the week, with around three to five uploads per day. These videos cover day-to-day topics on current events, usually criticizing Republicans for their stupidity (this doesn't mean he lets Democrats off the hook). Examples of Conservatives Kulinksi criticizes in his videos are Ann Coulter, Bryan Fischer, Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum and of course Donald Trump. Many of his videos regarding Conservatives have to do from an ideology standpoint or religious standpoint (i.e. Kyle Kulinski shows us a clip of Republicans wanting to get prayer mandated in public schools [1] then cuts back to himself quickly telling how this is unconstitutional).

He successfully debunks Christian preachers, people or pastors who either hate gays or gay marriage, by citing verses in the Old Testament that forbid "two mixes of fabric" or "the eating of shellfish" telling the audience they clearly are not following the first of the two. There are many videos regarding this, with one example being how Scott Lively (one of the stupidest people on this planet) thought Homosexuality was worse than Genocide [2]. Kyle Kulinski also goes against Fox News and their right-winged views (because we know they want mandated prayer in school, but Betsy DeVos will do it for them).

Although Kyle Kulinski does identify as a Liberal, some of his beliefs are more centrist. For instance, Kulinski has stated how he is for some kind of border protection (but not of Donald Trump's level).

What makes Kulinski different than other left-wing bloggers is he criticizes Democrats just as hard as Republicans, if not more. Kulinski is not a partisan hack who only slams Republicans because he is consistent and has integrity.

Justice Democrats

On the 23rd day of January, 2017, Kyle Kulinski was a co-founder of the "Justice Democrats" with Cenk Uygur.




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