1912 Union strike at Lawrence, Massachusetts

Labour unions are also called Trade Unions and are organizations that give more power to workers than to employers in their negotiation with employers. Seen by Republicans as a progression towards anarchism, communism or socialism. They are the gathering of workers that used collective bargaining and fought for workers rights that were neglected during the depressions and ended child labor and sweatshops in the USA. It is a movement of the working class of the United States, essentially the backbone of our once great economy, it is shunned by conservatives because it keeps the private sector in check.

Labour unions or Trade Unions are organisations of workers aimed at preventing the boss from being able to divide and rule.  Labour unions meet to discuss matters such as employment, pay, Collective Bargaining, workplace safety, and complaints.  If they are dissatisfied, they may agree to go on strike.

Liberal perspective on Union

Liberals are generally supportive of Unions and remember the sacrifices made and the benefits Unions have brought to workers and society. This does not mean that Liberals support the excesses of either unions or businesses, we don't, we do appreciate a reasonable dialog between labor and management. We understand that if owners have the right were granted the privilege to organize a group of owners and appoint representatives to deal with labor, it's only fair that labor have the right be granted equal privilege to organize and appoint their own representatives to deal with the owners' representatives.

Conservative perspective on Unions

Conservatives in general oppose Unions. The Republican Party in the United States is always looking for ways to divide and conquer, and especially to weaken Unions. One of the latest Republican complaints is Micro-unions. Most of us have never even heard of micro-unions, it's sort of a made up word. We think it might mean that Republicans oppose organizations formed to fight racial, gender, or orientation based discrimination in workplaces or something like that. Whatever micro-unions are, We're pretty sure America's favorite retailer and the Republican party are against them.

Ultra-Conservatives see any organization of Labor, tradesmen, or small producers as anti-competitive. Yet these same ultra-conservatives tend to ignore advantages of privilege granted by the State to business organizations.


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