Larry "Men's Room" Craig a former Republican Senator from Idaho and the perfect example of the sort of person who tells people what they should be ashamed of doing. Then he does that thing just to verify to himself that it is shameful. When he is absolutely sure, more testing is done, while warning others against the practice. In Mr. Craig's case, the action is cruising men's restrooms in pursuit of gay sex. Larry Craig was a toilet troll, Lewd, Lusty, Lavitorial-Loving. Larry Craig (who is 100% heterosexual FYI) was a senator who fought to protect our sweet innocent children from evil sodomites.


Craig would tap his foot asking for some bathroom sodomy, until he was arrested by a heroic restroom monitor named Dave Karsnia. The restroom at the Minneapolis airport where this transpired has since become a tourist attraction where tourists visit the toilet that has become a shrine of hypocrisy. For more on Republican hypocrisy, please see pages about Ted Haggard and Mark Foley. Learn the new dance step the Larry Craig "men's room slide". Remember, its not gay sex if it only involves straight men[1]. After his run-ins in a Minnesota Airport others have come out and made other accusations that they have either slept with the senator or he has made advances towards them.[2]

It seems Craig had a pattern of looking for casual sex with consenting gay men. Normal straight men do not sit on a toilet seat for 15 minutes (with trousers down?) unless they are police officers looking to arrest someone. Craig’s actions would not have inconvenienced normal men using the restroom.

  1. Should we condemn Craig? His behavior was certainly ridiculous.
  2. Should we condemn the intolerance which Craig’s Republican Party represents?

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