Lemmy (born Ian F. Kilmister) was the lead singer of the UK heavy metal band Motorhead.

Lemmy collected Nazi stuff. Was he a Nazi? He said he wasn't. Lemmy didn't follow Nazi ways of doing things. Nazis are supposed to keep themselves fit and healthy and avoid alcohol. [1] Many people say Lemmy did Drugs and Alcohol in ways that could harm his health. Where's that Nazi will power? In politics Lemmy was quotes saying, "I’m an atheist and an anarchist. I’m anti-communism, fascism, any extreme.” Why was he called Lemmy? It could have been that he kept asking, "Lemmy a quid until Friday," because he was putting too much money into slot machines.

Some Liberals love Lemmy and his music despite his fascination with Nazism and his bad habits but by no means all Liberals love or respect him.

In August 2015 Lemmy was quoted saying only death could stop Motorhead. [2] Lemmy died a few months later in December 2015. [3][4]