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Technically Lesbian is the name for any current or former resident of the Greek island of Lesbos, but Lesbian is more commonly used as the word for any woman whose sexual orientation is homosexual or bisexual. Depending on context and tone of voice it can be intended or percieved as either an insult, a sexual orientation, or a positive affirmation.

Although they are frequently seen as an excuse to get more interesting porn on the Internet, lesbians are a damned good idea. Sex between two women is, of course right for some - this is agreed on by many people. Many sexually repressed fascists see homosexuality as a great sin, (i.e. one that may lead people to enjoying themselves without church sanction, which is of course a Bad Thing), while still enjoying lesbian porn, demonstrating their hypocrisy and idiocy.

It is rare that one finds actual lesbians on the Internet; more often than not, they are simply sexually repressed old men who must enact their urges on young, attractive women.

Social Conservatives usually have irrational prejudices about Lesbianism and have been known to support legislation against Lesbian families, either through marriage, custody or adoption law. In typical unwitting irony such Conservative misbehaviour is often claimed by them to be Pro Family even when it is clearly anything but that. Conservatives who think they are Christians have been known to try and argue that Lesbianism is somehow unchristian. Presumably they think that if God made someone a Lesbian She must have been having a bad halo day. Conservative "fundamentalists" who think they are Christian and haven't yet realised that they aren't can be thoroughly wound up by this.

In the 19th Century when British Politics went through one of its most prudish and sanctimonious phases, legislation was introduced against many of the practices that Social Conservatives get irrational about. But Lesbianism could not be made illegal because no Politician was willing to explain such legislation to Queen Victoria (this is a rare example of Britain's parasitical, vestigial and usually pointless "constitutional" monarchy actually doing something worthwhile, if only unwittingly and by default. The monarch doesn't have a choice about signing new legislation, but they need to go through the charade of doing so).

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