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This article is part-parody and satire. Liberals aren't all as awesome as we imagine.
Liberals aren't the way Conservapedia imagines them either. Though, the article refers to the vast majority! :)

Michael Moore, a liberal

A liberal is somebody with a selfless world view and someone who wants this planet to continue socially evolving into the future and beyond. Liberalism means "to love" and positive thinking, Liberalism is the idea of universal Human rights: it doesn't matter what race you are- black, white, Asian, Arab, Native Americans, etc. or the way you dress or look. Liberals are open-minded and respectful of whoever you are [1] and encourage others not to be ashamed for who they are [2], like gays and poor people. A liberal is a person that is not ashamed of being him/herself.

American liberals

The Liberal half of America is the one that symbolizes optimism and forward-thinking. Liberals believe in gun control (American liberals sometimes disagree about how far to allow responsible weapon ownership). Liberals believe in environmental protection, providing for poor people, gay rights, civil rights. Liberals oppose animal cruelty, and they support basic human nature; meaning the freedom to have sex with the consenting partners they would like without the guilt of the right-wing religious types. Conservative Republicans are the evangelical Christian and Greedy Capitalist side of America and love to pass absurd laws like the "mandatory" pledge of abstinence. By the way that doesn't work at all, studies show that teens who pledge for abstinence are 42% more likely to end up having sex anyway (out of curiosity) and are more likely to get pregnant while still in their teen years because they don't understand contraception. Liberals, on the other hand, let those horny teenagers do Sex if they want, as long as they have protection believe we have a responsibility to teach young people responsible sexual practices. Conservatives used to make Interracial marriage, pre-marital sex, homosexuality, and even many common marital sexual practices, illegal (This was the law in many US states during the first half of the 20th Century). While Liberals also limit sexuality in some cases, Liberal limitations are likely to be a defense of those seen to be defenseless, for example, the requirement for voluntary legal consent.

Liberals are rational thinkers who are open to all views and skeptical of those who follow specific agendas. Unlike conservatives, liberals have open minds and tend to disagree with each other in open debate about issues in order to find what is best. American Liberals believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Liberals in other countries want similar equal freedoms and protection in their countries.

Liberals are often not fooled by propaganda and believe in the separation of powers. Liberals are very patriotic and voice their opinion often in protest.

Many of us older American Liberals remember the days when there were many Liberals in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Liberals then as now, disagreed on of the rate of progression of Civil rights, and the amount of intervention necessary to make Capitalism and our government function the best for our citizens and our society, but we always held on to the goal of protecting, and maximizing the value of Life, Liberty, and Property in our society with only the amount of government necessary to achieve those goals.

Prior to the Neoliberal revolution, Liberals represented the centrist position in American politics. For years neoliberals have been trying to convince people that Liberals hold the beliefs of our further left allies or that only the most extreme economic liberals are the real liberals. We respect our allies and their opinions, and we will continue to do so. We fight for common goals with our allies, and we will continue to do so. Nevertheless, we are not our allies, we may share short-term goals, but in the end. we still differ. Given the amount and rancor of the rhetoric our far-right opponents have devoted to demonizing liberals, I've concluded they still believe we're their most dangerous opponents. I believe we liberals are still the most centrist group in American politics, and I wonder if we're not far more numerous than we even know. I've hoped that liberals can still turn our Country from its errant path, achieve government of, by, and for the people, and once again be a beacon of hope for peoples of the world yearning for freedom and prosperity.

Liberal men

Liberal men are by far better in bed and tend to be in better physical, mental, social, psychological, and spiritual health than conservative men. In contrast, Conservative men tend to be Obese, inhibited, abusive, and they'd rather view porn than please their wives. [1]

Liberals stand up for workers rights


  1. During the hard time when Dubya was in power, most conservatives imagined that protesting was "un-American" but historically, protesting is what made us great, such as the Boston Tea Party, the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Act, etcetera.
  2. When the United States had Obama, of course, Conservatives thought that protesting is great and they simply couldn’t see that their tea party isn’t at all like the original Boston Tea Party.
  3. Conservatives believe in their right to protest policies they disagree with but would limit protest by others who may disagree with Conservatives.
  4. Liberals believe peaceful protest is a civil right even when we disagree with the purpose of the protest.

Unlike Conservatives, liberals are logical and consistent.

Awesome hope

Liberals are the only hope against the vast right-wing conspiracy.

In short, most liberals embody the very essence of awesome.

Liberals according to Conservatives

Understanding Conservative opinion of Liberals often requires understanding the concept of conflation. Liberal, a noun, denotes a political/economic philosophy. Liberal, an adjective, denotes a value judgment which is often contrasted to the adjective conservative. Many on the political/economic right have become very adept at combining the two distinct concepts in their rhetoric. This rhetorical device, called conflation, creates a false philosophy (a straw man) which the right attacks. These rhetorical attacks on Liberalism by the Right are what Liberals refer to as Bullshit. So, when you read posts about Liberals or watch Fox News, check to see if the poster or speaker is using conflation to create a straw man attack on Liberalism. Visits to Conservapedia or Fox News can, unfortunately, result in a very offensive taint if you're not careful.

People Liberals Hate Would Reform

Liberals hate would reform the following people:

Facts About Liberals

  • Liberals are mostly awesome
  • There is allegedly a type of liberal, classical liberals. They are different. They do share some values, such as liberty, but reject equality and the role of government in protecting individuals, common property and equality.
  • Liberals care about the environment, here's a cool song showing how among liberals it's cool to love the planet Earth Everything's Gone Green - Environment Song. Well, unfortunately, not everything's gone green as there are far too many uncool Conservatives driving uncool SUVs and the like.
  • Liberals don't like "trustworthy" garbage, they like the TRUTH.
  • Liberals LEARN. When liberals learn something new, they try to fit it into their beliefs. If it doesn't fit, Liberals change their beliefs to fit the facts, that's called the Scientific method. Liberals don't change the facts to fit their beliefs.[3]
  • Liberals believe anyone can learn, even those folks who change the facts to conform to their beliefs (Conservative DENIERS) can learn, so Liberals promote EDUCATION.
  • Liberals don't care if you're either gay, or Jewish, or black, or atheist, and maybe or anything. You can be anything you want, except for being an aristocratic country-damaging Republican or Democrat or law-breaker, since they are not true human beings but un-evolved viruses.
  • Liberals think before they vote. The only downfall is that they also party before they vote, which makes voting by mail ballots very cool.
  • Liberals won't believe the right-wing propaganda.
  • Liberals won't threaten you with jail using a law that doesn't even exist so you can't edit their wiki.
  • Liberal comes from a Latin root of liber, which means "freedom".
  • Liberalism defeated the Divine Right of Kings, hereditary status, and established (forced) religion. Which is the reason we don't live in the Middle Ages anymore (Some still do, such as African cultures who choose ancient living over modern living.)
  • Liberalism stands for freedom of speech, social progressivism, and the fact that every human being is equal to his neighbor. Again, unless you're an establishment politician.
  • Liberals organized society according to a bill of unchangeable and universal rights, which dominates all citizens by the same law.
  • Liberals definitely aren't conservatives. American liberals are typically not as liberal as the rest of the world, but...
  • Liberals have a different sense of humor. Liberals don't find harming people as entertaining as Conservatives do.
  • American liberals are quite conservative compared to European liberals.
  • There are more self-identified Liberals in America than conservatives. Conservatives who voted for George W Bush realized their mistake and voted for Obama in large numbers.
  • Liberals can go to a restaurant and order anything off of the menu, instead of only being able to get the same thing that they ordered the last time (unless they are vegetarians, which some liberals are).
  • Liberals are fully aware that The FOX "News" Network is just evil Right-Wing Propaganda.
  • Liberals don't rely on religious mythology to make decisions. Well, some Liberal Christians do.
  • Unlike Conservatives, Liberals not only know how to spell Liberal, but they also know the definition.
  • Liberals and Libertarians can sometimes be seen working towards a common goal. Despite the similar names and social goals, libertarians are more like classic conservatives.
  • Libertarians share liberals love for social freedoms, but, unfortunately, do not share their love of others.
  • But hey, libertarians have little love for Haliburton, unlike neo-conservatives. (Then again, liberals have no love for Haliburton.)
  • Classical Liberals and the modern ones are a bit different. Classical liberals are closer to libertarians. The Founding Fathers were classical liberals. What's known as Classical Liberalism didn't develop until after the death of the Founding Generation.
  • One of the few things liberals can fall victim to is becoming an ideologue. It's nice to be flexible.

The only known bad thing that is a Liberal is The Australian Liberal Party.

Liberal Challenges

We're sure Conservatives would prefer to call these Liberal Faults, but we're Liberals and we're capable of learning and changing our behavior, so we prefer to see these traits as challenges.


  • Many Liberals are extremely challenged when asked to be tolerant of intolerance (Can be too ideological) In extreme cases, this can extend to other conservative characteristics: meanness, sanctimony, avarice, greed, narrow-mindedness, bigotry, prejudice, foolishness, and inadequacy


  • Many Liberals are extremely challenged when asked to tolerate hypocrisy.


  • Many Liberals can be very challenged when confronted with ignorance. It's not that we don't value your right to hold an ignorant opinion, we believe everyone has the right to their opinion in "matters of conscience". What challenges us is being asked to explain Fallacies and inconsistencies ad nauseam to proselytizing ignoramuses.


  • Many Liberals just can't help seeing the problems with the things they value the most. If we Liberals really like something, we really want to share it and make it even better. Conservatives usually misunderstand or misrepresent this Liberal trait.

Inappropriate Humor

  • We Liberapedians prefer humor as a means to cope with these Liberal challenges, which in turn creates another challenge.
  • Many Liberapedian Liberals find it extremely difficult to keep a straight face when confronted with conservative thought. Yes, Conservatives can be silly sumbitches, but it's can be very bad form to laugh out loud in some social situations.
  • Learning to smile politely and nod, when confronted with conservative bullshit can be extremely challenging. Still, learning to resist the physical impulse to "bust a gut", is not unlike resisting the physical impulse to "bust a nut". This may, in part explain why Liberals are more desirable companions in all situations.

Types of Liberals

As with any large grouping or community, there are different types of liberals who use different methods to try and spread the good that is liberalism.
Don't forget there are plenty of sensible liberals who wear ordinary clothes, less conventional than what conservatives wear and want sensible things than make people happy and healthy like Universal Health Care, Civil rights and Freedom.


A beatnik was a subculture of liberals most popular in the 1950s and 1960s. A typical beatnik tends to wear a striped black and white T-shirt, trousers, weird French hats, sandals, and little glasses. They have also been known to form drum circles in green areas and read poetry.

Day 17 Occupy Wall Street October 3 2011 Shankbone 17.jpg


Hippies were a more popular culture of nonconformity in the 1960s. Hippies are based on a very Liberal idea- open-mindedness and free love. A typical hippy carries an acoustic guitar with them in case they need to sing a song against the reactionaries and Conservatives. Hippies are one of the peace-loving groupings of the liberal culture. Hippies were useful in giving a middle finger to the old tradition of needing to be a right-wing nutter to be a Christian, as many hippies believed in God and the idea of him loving everyone, regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation.

Suit Liberal

A suit Liberal is a liberal who wears a suit. These kind of liberals are the ones who tend to enter politics.


A punk is by far the most controversial breed of liberal, most popular in the late 1970s. Easily distinguishable by their typical attire of ripped jeans, leather studded jacks, colourful spiked hair, and metal in various body parts, they are often associated with thuggish violence but tend to hold liberal beliefs nonetheless. The weird clothes they wear are seen as a sign of nonconformity to the ordinary clothes regular people wear.

One of the most known of punk bands with highly liberal views is Anti-Flag.

Punks are also available in the conservative format, and, more controversially, in neo-Nazi style. See Nazi Punks.

Musical Liberal

A general term used for someone who can play an array of rock-style instruments and also hold liberal beliefs. See Liberal Songs for more.

Famous Liberals

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  1. Conservatives don't count
  2. again, conservatives don't count
  3. Seriously believing what we want to believe is a Human weakness and Liberals aren't always Objective. Liberals are more eager to learn new stuff than Conservatives. Liberal Freethinkers value the Scientific method more than Religious fundamentalists and Christian fundamentalists. Subjectively it seems to us that we're more reasonable and more often correct than Conservatives are. Those who try to limit education the way Conservative fundamentalists and Marxist fundamentalists do have something to hide.