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The following TV characters are known to either be left-wing, to show signs of left-wing activity, or could be left-wing.

Liberal characters

Batman: They may be drinkers Robin, but they’re also human beings.

Fair point.



Signs of Liberalisation

Lisa Simpson


She cares for the environment, is a vegetarian and an avowed liberal, who tries to take down big money.

Sonia Jackson/Fowler


Known for various radical activities;

Sonia’s previous love interests included a foreign guy, Gus Smith (a black guy) and Naomi, who is also black and who Sonia had a lesbian affair with.


Young Ones

Although he comes from a conservative family, Rik hates Thatcher, a right-wing politician, and all other fascists

Brian Griffin

Family Guy

Is a liberal activist and a Democrat.  In one episode, Rush Limbaugh brainwashed him into becoming a Republican.

Fay Furillo

Hill Street Blues

Has been involved in various groups, opposing racism and sexism

Ross Gaines

League Of Gentlemen

Unafraid to stand up to his hypocritical restart officer and he has respect for the unemployed.

Mayor/Diamond Joe Quimby


In the episode ‘Sideshow Bob Roberts, the mayor was on the liberal side. He was also based on John F. Kennedy

Neil Pye

Young Ones

Hippie, a term primarily associated with left-wing culture. He also tends to agree with Rik’s policies.

Pauline Fowler


Though not as left-wing as Sonia, Pauline votes Labour (see Wikipedia) and is not afraid to stand up to her mother (‘I’d rather have a baby than things any-day’) and her brother-in-law Sean Flaherty.

Lenny Leonard


Opposes conservative Birch Barlow’s politics.

Carl Carlson


Opposes conservative Birch Barlow’s politics. ‘ugh that Birch Barlow’s a right-wing crackpot’

Constable Maggie Habib

Thin Blue Line


Jeff Tracy


Hayley Smith

American Dad

She cares for the environment and animals.  Her father is a die-hard Republican and Hayley believes they are facists.  She also is cooly with her boyfriend Jeff Fischer.

Muskie Muskrat

Deputy Dawg

Vincent Van Gopher

Deputy Dawg

Benjamin Denton

League Of Gentlemen

Ali Osman


In one episode, Ali rounds up ‘two n****rs, two p*kis, one stupid turk (referring to himself) and one soldier boy’ to gang up on Nick Cotton, due to his racist bullying

Mona Simpson


She and a group of hippies once campaigned to destroy Mr Burns’ germ warfare lab.

Lois Griffin

Family Guy

Once debated politics with Rush Limbaugh

PC Kevin Goody

Thin Blue Line

In the episode ‘Kids Today’, Kevin stands up for PC Habib when a 15 year-old skinhead says racist remarks to her

Professor Frink


Said he disagreed with Rush Limbaugh's politics, gave an anti-fracking speech and defended evolution in court.

SGT Patricia Dawkins

Thin Blue Line

Similarish signs to PC Habib


Batman (1960s version)

Robin: You risked your life to save that riff raff in the bar?

Marge Simpson


Voted for Jimmy Carter twice.

Richie Cunningham

Happy Days

Voted for Adlai Stevenson over his conservative father's objections.

Homer Simpson Simpsons Voted for Obama in 2008 because "we need a change here".
Gary Chalmers Simpsons Comes from a mostly liberal hometown and is against religion and prayer Ned Flanders tried to push on the elementary school
Wendy Tastburger South Park She is a feminist and is politically committed to human rights and against conservatism. As a girl, she fights independently of the male characters and even thrashes Eric Cartmen for his racist, anti-Semitic and sexist mouth.