Liberapedia is what this site is about. Liberapedia is a part serious encyclopedia mixed with jokes. Liberapedia is awesome and spreads Liberal, Social Democrat, and Socialist ideas. Liberapedia is serious. Liberapedia is also funny. Liberapedia contains the TRUTH.

This encyclopedia is sworn enemies with makes light of Conservapedia, another encyclopedia sharing different political views, where users who disagree are blocked, facts are modified and replaced with made-up content intended for self-deception.

About Liberapedia

Here we're parodying Conservapedia, and we know we're exaggerating.

Pointing out the evils of Conservatism and letting people know the saving power of liberalism is what this Wiki strives for. By being a user on Liberapedia you become empowered to call yourself a Liberapedian. You not only commit to the idea that Conservatism is utter ******** that will lead us to the end of the Earth, but also that Science, Logic, and independence will crush the evil conservatives and bring a new era of freedom!

Liberapedia has templates which try to show new user and newsreaders when we are not serious but just Joking; this rarely occurs. [1]

Liberapedia currently has 3,504 articles, you can edit and improve them, just click on the "Edit" buttons. Do you feel some of our articles are a bit short? See if you can help us and lengthen a few of those articles.[2]

Liberapedia believes

Liberapedians believe in Freedom but we are not Anarchists. We think the state should protect workers from bullying bosses. We think the state should provide Universal Health Care because those who are most in need of medical treatment are often the least able to pay for it, and the welfare of the whole society depends on the welfare of its individual members.  Liberapedia is a website created as a Liberal alternative to the ridiculous Conservative Bias of Wikipedia. Unfortunately, there is an even bigger evil! Our rivals at Conservapedia are slowly running around the Internet like the crazy War loving b******s they are and leaving steaming piles of "conservative doctrine" wherever they go.  We hope they see the errors of their laughable conservative ways, and if not, People will just get to laugh at them more and more.


Bush theocrat.JPG

Now with 110% more Truth! And whatever Conservatives might say, Liberals throughout the World count! We also think that Americans don't count more than other people.

And Just In Case You're Immune To Everything

Open your mind and let the sound of science and logic sink in and massage your rigid synapses!


Liberapedians hope the Wiki will grow from small beginnings. We have articles about Politics but there are also plenty of general articles. [3]

When we're Joking that should be obvious since they are clearly marked as opinions. When we're not joking we try to keep Liberapedia accurate. [4] We're a small group of Liberapedians and we aren't experts in every field even if each of us is expert in our respective fields. We're as sure as we can be that most of the serious stuff is accurate to the current scientific understanding until they are falsified with the scientific method most of the serious stuff is accurate but we don't physically have the time to check everything. If the serious stuff involves unfalsified unverifiable ideas, you decide what you want to be sure.

Wiki web sites can be very informative, but they can also be untrustworthy. Wiki sites allow groups of people to add and edit the information contained on the pages. You can imagine how a wiki source could contain unreliable information! Study Tips

If you want to be completely sure that our articles are accurate you can check our sources. You can also research our articles on the Internet yourself. Perhaps you can help us and tell us what you've found with links to your sources. That can help us correct the small number of errors there are.

We try to cater to users who would like a bit of light reading and also serious users who want to study our subjects in depth. We can't easily do this ourselves but we have links to serious articles on other Websites for users who want to learn a great deal about any subject. We also try to write in simple language so high School students or People who speak English as a second language can follow our articles.


We're Freethinkers here at Liberapedia, we believe the Scientific method and reason are the best ways to get to the truth but not all Liberals, Social Democrats, and Socialists are freethinkers in the same way not all Christians are like the -----s at Conservapedia.

We know there are more Liberal Christians in America and in the more religious parts of Europe than there are freethinkers dogmatic fundamentalists. We here at Liberapedia are mainly a collection of liberal and other left-wing freethinkers though there are a few Liberal Christians and others too,. Anyway, this is a website where liberal freethinkers can get together with other liberal freethinkers.

  1. After-all there are plenty of websites where Conservatives like to get together but Liberals are not welcome.
  2. There are also websites where Christians get together and freethinkers are not welcome.

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  1. Serious Newspapers generally put Satirical articles into an entertainment section so it's clear what readers shouldn't believe. The Material in The Onion satirical magazine has been mistaken for serious news. [1][2] Making clear what is and what isn't satire is harder for us as we aren't professional journalists, Wikia specialises in giving ordinary people a chance to read and write what interests us. Fooling Kids here from gaming wikis over what's satire and what's real isn't anything we'd want to do, we think the templates are needed.
  2. Lengthening short articles is always a priority, but new short articles keep appearing as fast as existing ones get lengthened.
  3. We're nowhere near as large as a regular Encyclopedia, but we hope you can learn while you're here.
  4. Except on April 1st