Liberapedia moral standards

Being a public wiki, editing is open to anyone (as long as they have an Internet connection, aren't blocked on the website or by the ISP, and edit between 00:00 and 23:59 UTC). Here are our guidelines:

  1. The facts posted (apart from obvious truths and original work) should be correctly cited and referenced, so that those reading can confirm them.
  2. Citing or referencing other wiki resources is not welcomed unless necessary to illustrate a point of view. If you need a source to refer to, try looking for Wikipedia's references on the subject or for books or articles on the matter.
  3. The articles should where possible represent a worldwide view on subjects not unique to a specific nation.
  4. The content added (be it text, images or videos) should be written in a good style, with correct grammar and punctuation.
  5. When referring to dates, use the "Common Era" designations ("BCE" and "CE", that is). "BC" and "AD" are both factually wrong (Jesus Christ was not born in year 1) and are religion-specific.
  6. Using too many quick edits instead of the "preview" function is not welcomed. The administrators often have to check every edit; making too many when unneeded only makes it harder.
  7. Unsubstantial ranting, such as 90% nonsense and 10% personal opinion, may result in the edits being taken out or in extreme cases blocking the account.
  8. Liberapedia has a Liberal or Social democrat viewpoint, Conservative material will be removed from articles.
  9. For the tables on Presidential Elections, it is generally best to include all candidates who: were the Republican and Democratic candidates, candidates who won electoral votes (including those who received faithless votes) as well as any third-party or independent candidate who received one million or more general votes (even if they didn't receive electoral votes). For color coding: blue = Democrat; red = Republican; orange = Libertarian Party (in some cases yellow is used); yellow = third-party member with a previously-established candidacy (of a minor or defunct party) who wins states (such as J. Strom Thurmond or George Wallace); purple = Independent runner or Constitution Party; green = Green Party; brown = people receiving faithless votes, especially if multiple candidates received such.


These are not rules, but guidelines. Not following them is usually not a bannable offense, but following them will greatly help the wiki.