Any news about changes or other issues will be put here.

Being part of Wikia

Liberapedia is now part of the large Wikia Group of Wikis. The Wiki is not dependent on one person and can call on support from Wikia to deal with problems and to help with improvements. Liberapedia has a new URL including the name Wikia.

Getting Liberapedia Noticed

OK folks, if you want to help get us noticed, here are some things you can do.

  • 1. Tell your friends
  • 2. Start a thread about us in forums you belong to
  • 3. Pretend to be a Neocon and rant about us on talk pages on Conservapedia


Well, a welcome to all of the new members, its been quite busy recently, it was not long ago on this site that we could go some days without a single edit being made, this doesn't seem likely to happen now. We’ve even got a proper featured article section on the main page.