On this page, you will find all our userboxes.


Code Result
Asian This user lives in Asia, the biggest continent of them all.

{{User australian}}
AU This user is Australian.

Euro This user lives in Europe!

USA This user is an American liberal.


Code Result
SYSOP This user is an administrator so you better not mess with him/her
Age This user is {{{1}}} years old.

{{User bi}}
Bi flag.png This user is bisexual.

Boy This user is male.

Cool Dude This user is (or thinks he/she is) cool.

{{User elec guitar}}
KTGuitar.jpg This user has an electric guitar.

Gay This user is gay, and doesn't care what you think about it.

{{User interested in nukes}}
Redwing Mohawk.jpg This user is interested in nuclear weapons.

IQ This user's IQ is {{{1}}}

{{User skynyrd}}
Free Bird This user is as free as a bird, and this free bird you cannot change


Code Result
Legal Choice This user thinks that abortion should just be legal, but not encouraged or promoted.

Agnostic This user is Agnostic

Beer.jpg This user is a proponent of lowering the legal drinking age in the United States to 18.

Atheist This user is an Atheist.

{{{1}}}! This user thinks {{{1}}} is better than {{{2}}}. {{{2}}} doesn't even come close.
{{User Conservative NOT}}
NOT This user is NOT! Conservative


This user
supports the
Liberal Democrats.

LIB This user is Liberal
+ This user thinks abortion is wrong, but still thinks it should be legal

Theist This user is a theist.


Code Result
F***ING PREVIEW it This user knows how you use the 'Show Preview' button when making edits, at least most of the time