A map of Liberia.

Liberia is a West African nation that is a prime example of irony.


Liberia was founded by African Americans who had gained their freedom, having once been slaves. This group of ex-slaves moved back to Africa, founded the city of Monrovia (named after the American president of the time, James Monroe) and proceeded to subjugate the tribal people living in the rest of the country. By the middle of the 20th Century, the Americo-Liberian minority had a stranglehold on the politics and economy of the nation. Those Africans who were the original "Liberians" were treated as second-class citizens.

This accounts in part for the overthrow of the government in 1980, which led to over 20 years of violent civil war.

A little known fact about this country is that Abraham Lincoln originally planned to deport all former African-American slaves to Liberia, but changed his mind near the tragic end of his second term and instead listen to the majority of the African-Americans who begged to stay in the land where most of them had been born, the USA.

Present time

While Africa, in general, is developing economically, Liberia is plagued by poverty, illiteracy, and lack of economic development. Even the capital has neither running water nor electricity.

Human nature

This example shows that white people aren't inherently worse than others; people of many different ethnicities can become corrupted by power if they get power, especially when they were formerly held in subjugation in one way or another.