A map of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a tiny little European principality with a population of about 35,000. [1] It is sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria.

They speak German there. Like Switzerland and Norway Liechentstein isn't in the European Union.

Incomprehensibly they voted to give their hereditary monarch real political power but despite being strongly Roman Catholic they voted decisively to be Pro-choice.

Tax haven

Liechtenstein has been in trouble for lax rules about taxation and for allowing criminals to hide money there.

They [The Liechtenstein government] ignore the fact that by assisting that person to evade tax in another state they are facilitating money laundering in that other location, and that this is illegal under all acceptable money laundering legislation. What this means is that by providing absolute secrecy with regard to the entities that can operate from Liechtenstein and with regard to banking operations located there Liechtenstein provides an environment in which professional firms located in its domain can provide services that facilitate tax evasion by those who live in other states. This is deliberate. There is no other conceivable reason for the secrecy that pervades all its activities, its refusal to make tax evasion a criminal offence even though it is clearly theft and its refusal to engage in any form of effective information exchange. [2]


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  1. There are about as many people in the whole of Liechtenstein as there are in one single UK parliamentary constituency.
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