Logic is the process of critical evaluation through inference and reasonable conjectures. It consists of rationally analyzing the factors in any issue and proceeding step by step until a conclusion is reached. In chains of logic, logic ultimately leads to self-evident truths, or things that are known in themselves, such as the sky being blue. Logic is fundamental to science, and is a fundamental aspect of a free, liberal, and just society.

Logic and Liberalism

Here we're parodying Conservapedia, and we know we're exaggerating.

Our loyalty should be, ultimately, to logic. Logic points to the conclusion that liberalism is the best political system.

Though logic should be consistently used by all sensible human beings, it is predominately used by liberals. Neocons, on the other hand, reject logic altogether, preferring to live entirely in a world of delusions and nonsense, unless they can somehow imagine that logic supports their cause. The opposite of logic is faith, which is, by definition, belief without evidence.

If a conclusion doesn't follow logically from what went before that's called a Non-sequitur.

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