Map of Louisiana.

Louisiana is a state in the "deep south" named after King Louis of France, it is bordered by Texas to the West, Arkansas to the North and Mississippi to the east. Louisiana is positioned in the Bible Belt and is home to many Redneck idiots, such as David Duke and Phil Robertson. The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge.

Despite this, Louisiana does have a good side. Its largest city, New Orleans was the birthplace of Jazz and modern Blues music, as well as Louis Armstrong. Its cities, especially New Orleans, are very multicultural, with large Hispanic and French populations. It is the only state divided into parishes.

Politics and Government

As of 2019, Louisiana is one of the most Conservative states in the union. It mainly votes for Republicans in presidential elections, the last time it voted Democratic was for Bill Clinton in 1996, but Clinton was a blue dog democrat and his home state was right above the boot.

The state as of 2019 has a two Republican senators, John Kennedy (since 2017) and creepy Bill Cassidy (since 2015). The state also was a Democratic governor surprisingly, and his name is John Bel Edwards. Edwards is a blue dog democrat and is one of the only Democrats that opposes Abortion.


Louisiana is built on flood plains, making it prone to flooding. Its geographical location also makes it vulnerable to hurricanes. One of the largest hurricanes in history, Hurricane Katrina, hit Louisiana in 2005, killing thousands, while Dubya had a hoedown in Texas. Although its climate is disaster-prone, Louisiana has very attractive scenery, and is very similar to Florida, discounting Disneyland and the thousands of overweight tourists and old people.


Louisiana is a melting pot of Southern, Caribbean, French, African and Spanish cultures. It is the birthplace of Jazz music and Louis Armstrong. The population is also very religious, with 80% of the population being Christian, and only 10% being non-religious. Another 10% is made up of Jews, Muslims and others. The Creole culture is prevalent in the state. Creole is a mixture of French, Spanish, African, and Native American cultures.

Louisiana is also famous for its food. Creole cuisine is well-known for its tasty, tasty diversity. With so many cultures in one dish, who could complain about Louisiana once being a slave state? Well we guess the slaves did complain when the master and the overseer couldn't hear them and their descendants probably do complain now. And we guess we know why.