Official Flag of Luxembourg

and largest city:

Luxembourg city
Official Languages: Luxembourgish

German French

Legislature Chamber of Deputies
Currency Euro (€)b (EUR)

Luxembourg is a tiny little country in Central Europe with a population of just under half a Million. It is also a founder member of the European Union. Luxembourg is also the capital of Luxembourg, and an important political centre of the European Union. People there on average speak up to 5 five foreign languages, so don't fear if you get lost there (though that's quite impossible due to the size of it.)

In the USA Luxemburg is primarily forgotten except when Rich people are looking for a Tax haven. [1] [2]

On September 11 2015 (the Fourteenth Anniversary of 9/11) Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of V4 countries, Luxembourg and Germany met with each other to discuss concrete measures within the external dimension of migration crisis.[3]


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