The many media companies in the United States.

The Mainstream Media is a term used to describe all of the mass media companies in America.

Why does it exist?

The mainstream media exists to indoctrinate us and make us dumb to inform us about current events. They report on current events, like for example COVID. There are also many media newspapers and websites as well.

List of MSM Organs


Conservative Criticism

Many conservatives have criticized the MSM for being too "liberal" and being "brainwashing" Remember, the MSM is nowhere as bad as they say (Unless it's Fox News!).

Liberal Criticism

Some Liberals criticize MSM for it's pro-corporate and pro-establishment bias.

  • Actual versus Apparent bias- While it may appear that the audience is the primary customer of MSM, the more profitable customers are actually advertisers and purchasers of customer data. MSM has been criticized from the left for their story selection, loaded language, and bias which favors their corporate advertisers and the neoliberal establishment.
  • Concentration of Ownership- In the US, lax enforcement of competition law (A long standing Conservative Project) has resulted in a very few Corporations controlling MSM. Those on the left argue that this concentration of ownership has reduced competition and intensified the effect of pro-corporate and neoliberal bias, and allowed conservatives to position their media as an alternative to center-right rather actually liberal MSM.
  • Fairness Doctrine- Fairness Doctrine, which existed in the US between 1947 and 1987, was a doctrine intended to present the public with a balanced presentation of differing points of view about controversial issues. Only licensed broadcasters were subject to Fairness Doctrine, competitors of licensed broadcasters often adopted similar policy to stay competitive. Fairness Doctrine was eliminated during the conservative Reagan Administration.
  • Media Critics and Watchdog Organizations- There are many watchdog organizations ran by liberals, even watchdog organizations on the right which are run by sanctimonious moral guardians.

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