A map of Malta.

Malta is a democratic country in the crossroads between Southern Europe and northern Africa, and it a part of the European Union, while having no interest in NATO membership. It consists of one main island and many smaller islands in the Mediterranean. Malta has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The Maltese people were noted for their courage in resisting Hitler during World War II.


The people are strongly Roman Catholic. They believe the tradition that Saint Paul landed there though the only evidence for that is the Bible. As late as 2011 a referendum was passed requesting a change in the law allowing divorce [1] and divorce is now legal in Malta for the first time. Gay Civil unions and gay adoption were also legalised in 2015. [2] Maltese Roman Catholics are gradually catching up with the rest of the world.

Education and health

Malta has relatively few natural resources. Therefore, the Government invested a great deal in providing education. All education is free in Malta. Malta’s educated population is its major resource. Countries like the United Kingdom and the United States should learn from that. Malta’s Health Care provision ranks above that of the United States.


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