Maranatha Baptist University is a Totalitarian college-level daycare located in Watertown, Wisconsin, implemented with Christian Sharia. It is comprised of around 1,000 undergraduates. These people are probably the reason why Donald Trump won this state.

Rules (hmm...Where Have We Seen this Before?)

Like some other American colleges and universities listed here on Liberapedia, rules are what drives many students away from Maranatha. The rules are listed below:

Dating Rules

  • Students can only date a person of the opposite sex who attends a Christian church.
  • Some of the off-limit areas for couples include
    • Gymnasium
    • Lawns
    • Classrooms (after class)
    • Chapel
  • Couples may not be together in vehicles
  • Apparently there are guidelines about students dating faculty members

Dress Code (Women)

  • Athletic pants, jeans and t-shirts are acceptable for "Casual Dress"
  • Dresses and skirts must be worn for "Church Dress"
  • Floor dresses are to be worn for for "Semi-Formal/Formal Dress"
  • Sleeveless garments are never appropriate unless it is part of an athletic uniform
  • Skinny jeans are unacceptable
  • For swimming, a one-piece swimsuit must be worn
  • Hollister, as well as Abercrombie & Fitch are banned

Dress Code (Men)

  • Jeans/cargo pants and t-shirts are acceptable for "Casual Dress"
  • Collared shirts, dress shirts, sweaters, or slacks are acceptable for "Business-Casual Look"
  • Suits or sports coats, dress shirts, ties and leather shoes are to be worn for "Church Dress"
  • Mustaches are not allowed

E-Pass Requirements

In order to go off-campus, an E-pass card is required in many instances. You will need an E-Pass card if you are:

  • Going to a pool
  • Going one hour away from the university
  • Attending any church other than your "usual"
  • Many other places

Music and Entertainment

  • Unapproved types of music include:
    • Any type of Rock (including Gospel Rock)
    • Rap
    • Contemporary Christian
  • No student may attend a movie theater
  • No student may watch a movie rated "R", "X" or "NC-17"
  • Video games rated "M" or "T" are to be evaluated by a residential assistant or faculty member for approval
  • Video games that include Rock Music are banned

General Attendance Policies

  • All Convocations as well as Sunday Church services are to be attended. Convocation is conducted Monday-Friday.
  • Students MUST attend at least one (1) out of two (2) Fine Arts performances per semester

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