Marco Antonio Rubio
Sen. Rubio
Political party: Republican
Education: Tarkio College
Religion Roman Catholicism
Born May 28, 1971

Marco Antonio Rubio is a conservative senator from Florida who could have been the forty-fifth president of the United States.  He has a lot of appeal for Republicans because he is young, Hispanic, and from Florida.


Because he is young, Hispanic, and from Florida the Republicans like for him to appear on TV. It can seem that the party that is dominated by old, male WASPS and they hope to become popular with young minorities because they have a young minority senator in Florida.  Rubio has appeared on shows such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart more than once; introduced Mitt Romney at the 2012 Republican National Convention; and delivered a response to the 2013 State of the Union Address in both English and Spanish.

With all the media hype, you'd expect his approval rating to be higher but his forty-four percent approval rating drops to thirty-four percent among Hispanics (March 2013).[1]

Rubio also ran for president in 2016.  he didn't make it.

He is Not a Scientist

Marco Rubio has said he is not a scientist and that he doesn't know how old the Earth is; and it doesn't matter in terms of his economic policy.  Which means he probably should leave the Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee.


Newt Gingrich belives that Rubio won a GOP Debate but where are his facts at?[2]



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