Thatcher while communicating with the Mothership/FOX satellite.

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Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) was known as the original Neocon queen in the UK. She was in power from 1979 - 1990. She drove the economy, job market and country into the ground, repeatedly, at speed, trebled unemployment, shut down the mines (it is now worked out that if she left them alone, then it would have made the country a profit, rather than costing millions and putting thousands on the dole). She also tried to restart the Poll tax - a flat tax where everyone would have paid the same regardless of their wealth or income, unlike the previous Poll tax which precipitated the Peasant's revolt there was absolutely no attempt to make the rich pay more than the poor. Eventually thrown down a mine shaft by Michael Hesseltine in a leadership contest. In other words, the most overrated leader of the UK since bad King John.


  1. Trident, an expensive nuclear weapon system designed to launch a sneaky first strike attack on the USSR
  2. Nuclear Power stations - built to enable breaking the coal miners
  3. Deregulation of Banking - Thatcher believed that Bankers were best regulated by bankers, this had to be reversed in 2009 after they pretty much bankrupted the free world, and got us to bail them all out
  4. Flogged of most state assets on the cheap, especially Council Houses and the rail, Gas, Electricity and water industries, many of which are now shafting the public with high prices.
  5. A large part of the UK's gay population. This is perhaps the most unexpected and almost certainly the most positive thing for her to be remembered for, but the lady who claimed to despise Uturns and enacted some pretty nasty anti gay legislation did a quick, complete and early Uturn over AIDS and condoms. In the early 80s, once it was clear beyond doubt that her first Conservative reaction to AIDS of encouraging absinence wasn't working, and a policy of "Just say No" meant in practice Just let the kids die Thatcher shifted to a condom based public health campaign in the UK, and by the end of the 90s the UK's total deaths from AIDS were less than either Paris or New York City.


  • "Your overconfidence is your weakness"
  • "Your faith in your friends is yours"
  • "You have done well Lord Lamont. Soon the strikers will be crushed."
  • "Wipe them out... all of them" (Socialists)
  • "No. No. No." (speaking about plans for European integration)([1])
  • "There is no such thing as society"
  • "The enemy within" (she was talking about striking coal miners)
  • "No-one with a conscience votes Conservative" (actually that was her evil henchman Norman Tebbit, but he was her Rottweiler)