A photo of Mark Sanford.

Mark Sanford is the disgraced Republican former Governor of South Carolina, Sandford is just a little bit shady and unethical. [1]


Mark Sanford is yet another one of those Republicans who thinks extra marital sex is very wrong except when he personally wants to do it. Sanford was strongly critical of Bill Clinton over the Monica Lewinksy affair. That didn’t stop him contacting an Argentinian lady via email. He later met the lady, found her attractive and did you know what with her. Then he won a special election and now represents South Carolina's first congressional district.  Which shows how hypocritical abstienence-only conservative voters can be.[2]

His ex-wife's home

Mark Sanford is Divorced, he trespassed in his ex-wife's home and she says that was part of a pattern. Even the GOP is losing confidence in Sanford. [3]