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Feels good.

Masturbation is an action performed by many men and women to satisfy high sexual urges when he or she is very horny and a mate isn't around. It is something religious people feel guilty over and made others feel guilty over for generations.


In the 19th and early 20th Centuries children and adults taught it's perverted. People were made to feel guilty and scared though masturbation is fun and doesn't harm anyone. They were taught that it would weaken them and put them at risk of early death. None of this really happened but they imagined it did. Religious people taught that masturbation caused any range of diseases, sometimes fatal. This range could include blindness, broken limbs, and even things that people usually think are accidents, like homosexuality, or various sicknesses. Masturbation also was supposed to cause physical weakness, feeble-mindedness and insanity. The sex drive is so strong that people still did it, it just made people feel awful because they couldn’t stop.

Ministers, priests, and clergy have threatened eternal punishment for everything from masturbation to heresy, homosexuality to adultery, working on the Sabbath to questioning the Bible. Needless to say, rather than being liberating such threats have the effect of repressing and diminishing the human spirit. [1]

This really does show that if the God of the Conservatives exists, he's a bit of a git.

Modern views

In the 21st Century, most sane people are relaxed about masturbation and, well quite a lot of us do it. [2] Various faiths including Islam [3] and various Christian sects still teach that masturbation is a sin against an imaginary God and taboo. Devout religious people suffer agonies of sexual frustration when they can control the urge to masturbate. They suffer agonies of guilt and remorse when they can’t stop themselves doing it.

And they won’t let themselves see how religion is making them unhappy.

How to Masturbate

People generally work that out for themselves, be sure to do it when no one else is home or else you may get busted and subsequently grounded/divorced/broken-up-with/blackmailed, depending on who catches you. But when you're doing it just remember to have fun! That's why you're masturbating in the first place isn't it? [4]


  • There is a place that opened in 2004 on Jeju Island, South Korea called Jeju Loveland which is an outdoor sculpture park that has many exhibits relating to Masturbation. The park is on what is considered the busiest air route in the world.[5]


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