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Men are one of the sexes that comprise humanity, the other being women - along with others, of many persuasions. Chances are, this being the internet, you are one, after all, there is only one woman on the Internet - plus many entities in the process of evolution.

Men tend to be taller than women, they have deeper voices, Heterosexual women, gay men and bisexuals of either sex find men attractive.

Middle class and upper class white American men are unlikely to be oppressed unless they are gay, Jewish or belong to some other minority.

To keep things in perspective highly educated WASPish American women with middle-class careers and good salaries probably face less discrimination than for example, Poor black, poor Mexican or poor white men.

Men-Man as gender inclusive nouns

In some cases, in older literature, the word Men or Man was used as a general term, to refer to Humankind, and not intended to be gender specific. Liberals, in deference to women who object to being called men, have been abandoning the convention of using men/man in this way. Conservatives have trouble with new ideas and big words and caring for other people's feelings, so they attack liberals for abandoning the general use of men/man in language, and claim it's just politically correct.

Other English language nouns that can be used as gender-inclusive:

  • Horse
  • Dog
  • Cow- One that seems to be developing the female noun as gender-inclusive.
  • Cat- May be another, since there's a well accepted name for a male, but doesn't seem to be an equivalently well accepted name for a female cat. Any philologist care to answer?

Use of Gendered Nouns in Politics

The use of gendered nouns in modern political communication may be an appeal to older or conservative consumers, a dog whistle. The substitution of non-gendered nouns may be considered offensive to conservative sensibilities (yeah, they can be real snowflakes too).

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