Metallica is a heavy metal Music group. On their early days (1983-1992) they were Liberal. Now they're Right wing.


Metallica music was played at loud volumes to Guantanamo prisoners to disorient them. This music group approve of their music being used this way. They don't seem to mind if people play their music loud to annoy other people either.

"If the Iraqis aren't used to freedom, then I'm glad to be part of their exposure," James Hetfield, co-founder of Metallica, has said. As for his music being torture, he laughed: "We've been punishing our parents, our wives, our loved ones with this music forever. Why should the Iraqis be any different?" [1]

Conservatives may think that’s awesome. [2]


Metallica also released liberal albums. Their first five albums are liberal. For example, ...And Justice for All is about how justice doesn't happen for those without money. Ride the Lightning is about a suffering man who was sentenced to death on the electric chair and obviously is against Capital punishment. We guess Conservatives hate that part of Metallica music.They also released "The God That Failed", which is about blind faith in religion. It's based on James Hetfield's own experience as a child when his mother, a Christan Scientist, was stricken with cancer and prayed for her condition to heal. These prayers failed, and she died.

That would be cool if we didn't know that Metallica do Conservative stuff as well.


Metallica have sold loads of music, some conservative and some liberal and they certainly made loads of money.



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